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2019 Christmas Club Sunday Wet, Muddy and Great Fun


This weekend saw the last training session before Christmas which, in keeping with tradition, took place at Everest Road for all age groups from U9 to U15’s. All the teams were well represented with a total of over 250 children involved.

The range in age and size meant that some creative thinking from the coaches was required to supply skill stations suitable for all. Happily, our experienced operators did not disappoint and four non-contact activities were designed to develop specific skills from agility to communication and fitness.

With the weather Gods not smiling on us and the cold rain lashing down, the coaches showed all their motivational skills to keep the players warm and having fun. When the sun finally came out, we had turned the lower field into a hippo’s playground and a few washing machines were going to get a workout. However, the junior section had trained together as a united group and were further bonded by Matt Dawson – head coach of the U12’s, veteran Old Pat and hugely experienced teacher who, after some inspirational words, led a soggy but enthusiastic huddle.


The players were whisked away at the end to warm baths and the coaches of all age groups made use of the catering facilities where many ideas were exchanged whilst we dried out.

With so many juniors spread out around Cheltenham on our match days, the Club Sunday is a rare and important chance for the players to feel part of a larger whole and those involved in the running of the junior section to meet, mingle and share our experience.

A very big thank you to Andrea Mason (U10 and U14 mum) and colleagues for organising such an important event in the Club calendar and for manning the Club Mug stall. (Don’t forget to buy an Old Pats mug for Christmas from HERE)

Matches resume in early January but for now, have a very merry Christmas

Tom Perris

Tom Perris U14 Coach

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