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U16 Welcome

2018-19 U15's Head Coach Eddie

Welcome from Team Manager James Godden 

On nearing the end of our junior journey with Old Pats we are relishing the challenges that await this season. With GCSE demands as well as the physical demands of school rugby and academy rugby, there will be inevitable issues with attendance and availability.

As a coaching team, we will continue to provide stimulating sessions that challenge the boys which will include a bigger push for them to show more leadership and ownership during practices.

We will now be training and playing at Bournside School with hopefully around 50 boys still in the squad.

Our fixture list will be strong and challenging with opportunities for all players to receive sufficient challenge

We will continue to adopt the ‘half game’ ethos which we’ve had in place since u10.

We are lucky to have such a great group of boys to work with. By their commitment to Old Pats, the boys show that they are happy to be guided by our dedicated team of seven (magnificent*) coaches who have all been terrific role models for the lads.

*pun intended

Allez les Pats