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Introducing the Half Game

Half Game Rule

This season the RFU are introducing an initiative called Half a Game. The purpose is to ensure that all age grade players participate in rugby at club,
college, school and academy levels. The initiative is supported by research from around the world and the United Kingdom and will be mandatory as of next season, however the Old Pats Juniors have unanimously agreed to implement Half a Game as of the 2018/19 season. We fully support the drive that all our players will be involved in at least half a game when we play our fixtures.

We will communicate with our opposition to inform them that we intend to play according to the Half a Game criteria, with the intention that we will create well balanced and competitive matches. Although we cannot force other clubs to do the same, we would hope that they too see the benefit of the initiative and comply. If you have any questions regarding the scheme please discuss them with your age group coach.


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