Privacy Notice – Team Managers

Personal Data Collected By Our Coaches and Team Managers

What information do coaches and team managers collect

Player first and surname
Brief description of any medical condition
Parent first and surname
Parent home and/or work telephone number
Parent mobile telephone number
Parent e-mail address/s

Why do we collect it

To communicate key information with regards to training, fixtures and health and safety i.e. any medical condition the team manger or coaches should be made aware of and contacting next of kin in the event of an accident.  Coaches and team managers might occasionally communicate Old Pats news and events and promotions.

How/where is it Stored

We are advising all coaches and managers to store contact details in digital form only in one secure location such as a PC.

That all e-mails should be encrypted and all mobile devices should be encrypted and password protected.

What do we do with it

This information is not shared with any third party

This information is only shared with the age group head coach and/or team manager

Head coaches and team managers use this info to communicate with parents in respect of training and fixtures