Custom-fit OPRO Mouthguards

£116.00 £60.00

Custom-fit (by a dentist) Mid-Impact OPRO D30 Antimicrobial Mouthguards 

Average price of this spec: £116

Cost to Old Pats players/parents: £60

For every mouthguard purchased here Arnica will donate £5 to Old Pats juniors.

(see further product information below)

What to do next:

1. Confirm first and surname of player (see below)
2. Proceed to check-out and pay £60 via PayPal
3. You’ll then get a receipt e-mailed to you
4. Telephone Arnica on 01242 655554 to book your fitting appointment
5. IMPORTANT Please bring your e-mail receipt to the appointment
6. IMPORTANT See ‘How to choose your design’ below



Choosing your design

Step 1 – View your choices on the OPRO website

Click the following link to use the OPRO mouthguard builder to view your choices.

Step 2 – Select your design and colours

Select the design (Special Design, 5 Stripes, 4 Stripes, 3 Stripes, 2 Stripes or Single Colour) and your choice of colours.

That’s it you don’t have to go any further in the mouthguard builder.

Step 3 – Note your choice down and bring it with you to your appointment

Step 4 – Phone Arnica Dental Care on 01242 655554 to book your appointment

Why custom-fit by a dentist

Custom-fit mouthguards using impressions taken by a dentist provide the greatest degree of fit, comfort and protection because they are made from an accurate high-quality cast taken from your teeth and gums.

Self-impression mouthguards are far better than boil and bite but are still prone to a little inaccuracy.

Boil and bite mouthguards are not as comfortable to wear, which is important for very young players, and can be very painful especially for children.


Founded 20 years ago by dentist Dr. Anthony Lovat, BDS, OPRO is the world’s most technically advanced mouthguard company and a leading pioneer in oral protection. Through the development and deployment of cutting edge technology and the use of innovative design and production methods, OPRO has been at the forefront of protecting the safety of athletes at all levels, across a range of different sports, for more than two decades.

Why Use D3O?

An OPRO D3O mouthguard is the ultimate in mouthguard protection. It’s thin, light and super comfortable. Breathing and speech is even easier when wearing an OPRO D3O mouthguard than it
is when wearing one of our original mouthguards. D3O technology in mouthguards is exclusive
to OPRO. You won’t find it in any other mouthguard worldwide.

Antimicrobial Protection

Based on silver ion technology, Biomaster’s antimicrobial additive is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99% and is effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA, giving you peace of mind that your mouthguard will stay germ free wear after wear.

Impact Level – Mid-Impact

Mid level protection. Suitable for athletes participating in contact sports involving
a ball such as rugby, handball and basketball.

For more information call Arnica Dental Care on 01242 655554